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And he’d have the person take that drink in their mind, this was all in their mind. There was no alcohol used in this. No ethanol molecules were harmed in the making of this motion picture. And he’d have them imagine that they were taking this drink up to their lips. And then he would describe what was in it in detail. Sewage. Dead worms squashed up. Crawling maggots. 
He’d just make it sound so horrible. And then he would hand them a glass of water and have them drink the water. And at this point they were so into the scenario that they would drink that water and they would spit it out or vomit. And this is how he treated alcoholism or heavy drinking. It was effective. There are many ways that you can approach this. You can use talk therapy. There is AA, alcoholics anonymous, which is group support approach. Learn more about supplements like Vigrx at and
Very valid. Very effective. But the one thing that isn’t normally tried is what Dr. Hoffer and I talk about in the Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism. And that is using Dr. Williams’ protocol.  Learn more about supplements at
Which is high doses of the B – complex vitamins. Dr. Williams came up with this back in the late 1940s, early 1950s. This is not new. Williams was talking about this before the Korean war started. Here are the details, and there are very few of th em. B – complex – taking all of the B vitamins, not one B – vitamin, but all of the B – vitamins, as frequently during the day as possible. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at least. And in my experience working with people, it has to be about seven times a day. So, I would ask that an alcoholic consider Dr. Williams’ protocol in its fullness. And take B – complex vitamins breakfast, early mid – morning, late mid – morning, lunch time, early mid – afternoon, late mid – afternoon, and supper. And possibly more than that. A d in some cases every two hours.
That’s an easy way to remember it. Or you can remember it as breakfast, lunch, dinner and between each meal. That would get you five. Or breakfast, lunch, and dinner and two between each meal. And that would give you seven. Which is about right. So, seven times a day or breakfast, lunch, dinner and two extras in the morning and two extras in the afternoon. In divided doses. 
Now, divided doses are important, you can’t take it all at once. You can’t take a massive amount of B – vitamins at breakfast and say you’re done for the day. Dividing the dose is important because the B – complex vitamins are water – soluble. And they are better absorbed if you take them in divided doses. You can only absorb so much at one time. The exact amount varies, but basically if you took an enormous B – complex at breakfast and a small B – complex at breakfast the benefit would be similar. If you took an enormous B – complex at breakfast and a tiny B – complex breakfast, early mid – morning, late mid – morning, lunch, early mid – afternoon, late mid – afternoon, and dinner. And the total of those seven little doses equalled the one big dose, you’d get far better results. Far better results with the divided small doses. So that’s the most important thing about Dr. Williams’ protocol. The entire B – complex in divided doses. Very large number of doses. And one of the few things people kick about is that.