Party Guides and Presentation Booklets

I have a vision of presenting my customers with a presentation (binder/booklet) of what I have designed and planned for their parties. Does anyone else do this, and if so, what kind of presentation do you use?

I only offer a proposal and discuss the color palette and show them inspiration items and sometimes a mood board (depending on the scale of the event). I give them an insight into the kind of discount party supplies I use.

No binder, photos or inspiration board too much work to keep up on it plus If I’m meeting with the client for the first time I want to get a feel of what they want, their ideas, taste, budget. I find it does no good to meet with a client with any preconceived ideas until you get a better idea of what they want. I then do an Estimate with bulk pricing…….. meaning i don’t line item estimated costs such as 5 6 ft tables and a price, 5 6ft. table drape and a price, you don’t want to create a shopping list on the original estimate for them or the next planner they hire who is cheaper. When they hire you then you can expand on your ideas and pricing that will fit into their budget. Then you can send them photos, inspiration ideas etc…It is tricky because you want to get the job, but you don’t want to give your ideas away………i have seen parties on other sites where i didn’t get the job probably too expensive but my ideas had been used for the party. It was as if they got my ideas for free and paid less to have it created, frustrating but it happens to everyone and that was just from me throwing some ideas out there which you have to do to a certain point. Plus you want to them to see what it is going to cost whether they can even do it before you spend too much time working on ideas.

I am developing a similar idea for my set theme parties, where there is no real variation on the basics. I.e. – tea party, spa party, etc. I allow for color customizing, etc, but nothing real custom on those. I am making an informational packet for those parties.

For custom parties, such as baby showers, etc. I agree with the others – don’t give too much until they sign on the dotted line with a deposit. I think creating a binder of past projects for them to look would be a good idea though.

In the past I’ve done an inspiration board along with a write up of my ideas but not anymore. I do talk about my past events and about what I can do for their event but that’s about it. The second you get too detailed you expose yourself too much to someone who hasn’t hired you or given you $ yet.