What Is Online Career Counseling And How Does It Work?

A common question that all students face after their 12th board exams is ‘what next?’ A lot depends on the stream you chose after you 10th board exam as you possibly cannot graduate with physics if you had humanities at your +2 levels. A common notion among Indian parents is that it is best to opt for science at the +2 levels as most Indian parents nurture the dream of having engineers and doctors as children. However, there are many other options that students can opt for after their final school exam. Opt for career counseling in order to look at the options available so that you can make the right choice for a secured future.

What is online career counseling and how does it work?
Personality tests and aptitude tests are a part of career counseling and these help the career counselor to give you the best advice as far as your career is concerned based on the results of these tests. Career counseling test is offered by many institutions and many of these are offered online as well. You can opt for one in order to understand where you stand.

Human capacities are not finite and these cannot be measured and we possibly cannot judge what we can do and we cannot. Each and every person has a unique set of characteristics and skills, strengths and weakness. Career counseling helps to identify these unique abilities. Find out more at https://www.careerglass.com/.

Before you hire someone to help you, you should consider the following:

Why do you think you need a career counselor? Is it that you just can’t find a job in your chosen field or that you are unhappy in your current position? Also, are you committed to making change if your career assessment leads you in a completely different direction than the one you’ve taken?

How experienced is the counselor? Do they have a formal degree in counseling? How long have they been in business? Do they have a list of clients who would be willing to talk to you? Many career counselors are completely unqualified, but because this is one area that is in such high demand, it’s a growing field. Look for a counselor with a degree in counseling, preferably a Master’s Degree. Make certain their degree is from an accredited school, and not just an online diploma mill.

Do you feel comfortable talking with them? In a way, you are putting your future in someone else’s hands, so you should feel confident in their abilities and comfortable talking with them about your career choices.

Hiring a career counselor can be one of the best decisions anyone can make. Work is a huge part of most people’s life and the last thing you want is a lifetime of being miserable or feeling that this isn’t what you are supposed to be doing.
Career counseling sessions are conducted that helps students to understand the pros and cons of different streams and different career options. These sessions basically help students to make an informed choice and make the right career assessment so that there is minimum risk involved as far as change in career is concerned during the later part of life. Money and satisfaction, both are important as far as your career is concerned and career counseling ensures just that. It would help students to organize their thoughts and ideas and take decisions based on that.