How to Seal Pictures on Plastic Table Covers and Plates?

Hosting a party or a family function is always a pleasurable thing and you want to put your best to ensure your guest enjoy the party. However, along with the party decorations, another thing which attracts the guests is how you serve.

Yes! Serving in some good and decorative plates is a very good idea to impress your guests. It is very simple to seal pictures on the plastic table covers as you only need to buy a pack of plastic table covers and paste a picture on the backside of the plate. Still confused on how to do it? Check out the guide here.

How to Seal the Pictures on Plastic Plates?

To do this work, you will need few things such as- craft glue, small container, cloth, scissors, paintbrush, decoupage, mild detergent and plastic table cloths with an image.

  • Select an image which you are willing to put at the back side of the plastic plates. Choose image according to your theme.

  • Cut the image according to your table cover’s shape and size. Attach it using glue, Now let it get dry.

  • Now pour the decoupage into the small container and you the paintbrush to spread the decoupage equally to get it sealed on the table covers.

  • You can use color paper as well to decorate the covers adding some extra effects. You can add shimmers also.

  • Now clean the front part of the cloth with mild detergent and let it dry for an hour or so.